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Wojciech Gębski

The ENERGO-SERWIS Wojciech Gębski company has been operating on the market since 1991.

Its core business activities are:

- provision of assembly and welding services,
- non-destructive testing of materials and welds,
- training of welders,
- lifting services.

The company offers services to power plants, chemical plants, sugar factories
and other industrial plants.

We work both in the country and abroad.

Our company has received the approval of the Office of Technical Inspection for the works we do. We have a
fully equipped testing laboratory approved by the OTI. We carry out a full range of non-destructive testing.

The Welder Training Centre is also approved by the Office of Technical Inspection. We provide training for
welders concerning the following methods: 111, 131, 135, 136, 141, 311.

In addition, we supervise works carried out by other companies. All supervisors have a relevant professional
background and many years of experience. Our enterprise employs qualified and experienced personnel, fully
prepared to provide our services.

The company has the necessary equipment and technical facilities.


Assembly and welding works

We manufacture industrial installations and carry out overhauls and repairs of existing installations. We perform
the above-mentioned works for power plants, sugar factories, chemical plants, thermal power plants, oil industry,
food industry, etc. Our wide offer includes welding supervision and development of Welding Procedure
Specifications (WPS). We also provide mobile crane services with a lifting capacity of up to 12.5T.

Non-destructive testing

We carry out the following non-destructive tests:

  • VT visual testing

  • RT radiography

  • UT ultrasonic tests

  • UTT thickness measurements

  • MT magnetic particle testing

  • PT penetration testing

  • HT hardness testing

  • LT tightness testing

  • length testing

  • weld geometry testing


We run a Welding Training Centre which trains welders in the following methods:


  •  141 –(argon) gas-shielded arc welding using a non-consumable electrode

  •  111 - metal-arc welding using a covered electrode

  •  131 - gas-shielded metal-arc welding in which the shielding is provided by an inert gas

  •  135 - gas-shielded metal-arc welding in which the shielding is provided by a chemically active gas

  •  136 - tubular (flux)-cored metal-arc welding with active gas shield

  •  311 - gas welding

Obtaining UDT, TÜV and EU directive certificates is possible.


NDT Laboratory

The testing laboratory of ENERGO-SERWIS received its first approval from the Central Laboratory of
Technical Inspection in 1996. The current approval number is LBU 150/17-15 and was issued by CLTI in
Poznań. We have all the necessary qualifications and certificates required to carry out the tests we offer.

Our laboratory specialises in non-destructive testing of industrial pipelines, pressure and storage tanks; any
kind of installations for the power, chemical, food, petrochemical industries, steel structures and many
others. The employees carrying out the tests are qualified to levels II and III in the test methods we offer,
according to the PN-EN ISO 9712 standard. We can also advise you on the selection of appropriate
testing methods.


The company started its activity and was registered in the Department of Economic Policy of the
Municipal Office in Konin on 17.10.1991 under No. 004409 as Zakład Handlowo Usługowy Prac Montażowo
Spawalniczych i Badań Nieniszczących Materiałów [Commercial and Service Company of Assembly and
Welding Works and Non-destructive Testing of Materials] with its registered office in Konin.
From the beginning, the company has been involved in works in the power industry and industrial plants. In
1995, the company was authorised by the Office of Technical Inspection in Ostrów Wielkopolski to carry out
assembly and repair works on equipment the managed by the Office of Technical Inspection. The following
year, the plant received approval for its own testing laboratory from the Central Laboratory of Technical
On 08.12.1999 the company changed its name to ENERGO-SERWIS without changing the profile of services
provided and without changing the basic personnel of the company.
In the course of its activities, the company has carried out the following tasks independently or jointly with other

 1. In power plants and thermal plants  
- steam transmission pipelines
- industrial valves,
- water transmission pipelines,
- oil pipelines,
- compressed air piping,
- boiler pipework (water heaters, screen pipes, steam superheaters, steam coolers),
- boiler accessories,
- boiler dust pipes,
- movable grates for boilers,
- turbine control equipment,
- piping around the turbine.

 2. In chemical plants:
- technological installations,
- industrial pipelines,
- equipment related to plant technology.

 3. In sugar factories:
- pipelines,
- conveyors,
- technological equipment,
- brewers,
- evaporators.

 4. In the gas industry:
- gas (natural gas) installations,
- gas cleaning stations,
- borehole stations,
- transmission pipelines,
- tanks,
- control and automation equipment.

 5. In refrigeration plants and food production:

- ammonia tanks and plants,
- refrigeration plants,
- control equipment,
- pressure and non-pressure vessels,
- tanks for flammable materials,
- distillation columns,
- other technological equipment.

 6. Workshop production:
- steel structures for buildings,
- tanks,
- boiler components (coils, collection chambers),
- heat exchangers.

O firmie


Formularz kontaktowy

W sprawie zamówień lub jakichkolwiek pytań prosimy o wiadomość e-mail na,  telefon : +48 697 988 880 lub wypełnić poniższy formularz kontaktowy:

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Adres i siedziba firmy

ul. Przemysłowa 83

62-510 Konin


Tel/Fax: +48 63 245 46 69

Kom:  +48 697 988 880



Jeśli chciałbyś dołączyć do ekipy Energo-Serwisu, wyślij list motywacyjny wraz z CV na :



Address and registered office

For orders or in case of any questions, please email us at, phone: +48 697 988 880 or
fill in the contact form below:

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Energo-Serwis Wojciech Gębski

ul. Przemysłowa 83

62-510 Konin

BDO 000512903


Tel/Fax: +48 63 245 46 69

Kom:  +48 697 988 880


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